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See below three of our most common free services used within the centres. For our full range head over to services

Guided Tours

Guided Tours

Contact us to book a guided tour of our sites.



Whether you are just interested in Islam, have some questions or are ready to convert, we are happy to speak to you and guide you through the Shahada.

Foundation Level Education

Foundation Level Education

We are available to assist all ages and genders in 1-2-1, group, online or face to face settings based on your preference.

The Islam Information Centre is a resource centre located in the heart of Leicester city. The Centre opened its doors to the general public in August 2008 with the intention of linking various communities together through creating awareness of Islam.

The Centre prides itself through its unrivalled pictorial gallery, exhibiting various facets of Islam. Our exhibition immediately captures the visitor’s attention by allowing people to totally immerse themselves in a plethora of rich Islamic culture. The centre endeavours carefully to take each and every one of you on a journey from 7th century Arabia right through to 21st century contemporary Islam, with the hope of re-assembling the peace loving monument of Islam and establishing a correct perspective on this faith and unearthing its great Legacy.

The centre engages with many multi-faith based organisations and keeps close ties with many churches and faith leaders. We all must come together and promote solidarity and equality and entwine as a community. Help us on our mission by first visiting The Islam information Centre and see for yourself what role Islam plays socially and learn how it fits in modern history and what ideas were born from this peaceful faith which builds our advanced societies today and finally where and how Islam fits in your life.

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Islam information Centre welcomes you to help promote the beautiful religion of islam. 

Do you know anyone interested in Islam and wishes to have a better understanding of islam? 

Do you know friends, colleagues, students or neighbours interested in Islam? 

Are you a new Muslim and wish to study Islam in its pristine purity? 

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the questions above then the Islam Information Centre is the place to visit.

Everyone is welcome, male or female to come along and visit the ‘Discover Islam’ gallery, browse through books and leaflets on a variety of Islamic topics, take away free literature or discuss any questions you may have with our professional Islamic scholars. we also welcome group visits, please contact us in advance to make arrangements The Islam information Centre also runs courses for New Muslims.

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